Vitrual proms — Makes more and more proms ONLINE

For many high school students, attending their senior prom is a rite of passage and a highlight of this school year. This is the time for them to ignore their homework, dress up and have fun with their friends.

Senior prom is most high senior students have been expecting since graduating from middle school. The end of high school is the most exciting time in high school, because this is the last few months before graduation to they and their friends. Most high school students are very happy to have all the special experiences for senior proms.

However, due to the social distancing in place caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, most high schools canceled or postponed their graduation proms.

Many teenagers, boys and girls, have been looking forward to the day of their senior proms, they bought beautiful dresses, and even plan to invite local celebrities to participate in their proms. Sadly, due to the coronavirus , the prom is now cancelled.

Young people will always have endless new ideas. The cancellation of the prom does not make them too frustrated because they find that holding a virtual prom is also an unforgettable experience.

Pink Look

Therefore, many teenagers have begun to join in virtual proms. The virtual prom was performed on websites such as Zoom, YouTube, Twitch, and Tik Tok. Many videos were played on these sites, and these videos showed that people were wearing predetermined prom dresses. The hashtag virtual prom has more than one million entries.

Before the virtual prom began, girls wore clothes to pose for pictures outside the house, treated it just like they would if they were attending an in-person prom.

Mermaid Prom Style

More and more teenagers celebrate the graduations by attending a virtual prom. They started building their own Zoom chat room, by joining a random one, you can meet a bunch of teenagers from all over the world and have a fun time talking and getting to know each other.

Virtual prom has become a phenomenon, celebrities have even joined in to ensure that high school students will not miss out on their prom experience.

With the popularity of virtual proms rising and temporary social alienation measures still in place for the time being, high-schoolers seem likely to continue marking their proms online. This gives high school students something to look forward to. It is also a way to celebrate all the hard work from this year with people their loved, all while also practicing safe social distancing.