A beautiful prom dress can not only show your unique beauty but also carry good memories. Most girls want to protect their prom dresses carefully, but many of them may not know exactly how to maintain their prom dresses. Here are some suggestion for reference, hope can help those in need.

Before wearing you prom dress

1. Remove wrinkles
Wrinkles can be smoothed with an iron. If you have an iron and an ironing table, just lay the prom dress on the ironing table and gently iron the wrinkles with the iron. Make sure you grasp the temperature and strength during the ironing process. Do not forget to turn off the power of the iron after used.
If you don’t have an iron and ironing table, you can use your bedroom garment steamer to remove wrinkles. Hang the clothes and spray the wrinkle area with hot steam. The hot steam can remove the wrinkles as well.

2. Avoid cosmetics staining prom dress
Complete makeup, hair care and other personal care before putting on the dress, this can effectively avoid soiling the prom dress during the makeup process, especially the light-colored clothes are easily contaminated by the color of the cosmetics.

3. Choose the right accessories
Avoid wearing any accessories that may accidentally get caught on the fabric of your prom dress. For example, if you have sequins or beads on your clothes, don’t wear loose jewellery because they can easily outline the fabric.

During wearing the prom dress

1. Avoid eating cluttered food
Try not to eat any cluttered or greasy foods, such as fried chicken, biscuits, pizzas, or things that accidentally soil your clothes while eating.

2. Lift your prom dress while walking
If your clothes are long, please lift up your skirt while walking, not only to prevent someone from stepping on the train accidentally, but also to avoid smearing the train on the floor due to trailing dirt.

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After wearing the prom dress

1. Read the labels on your clothes carefully for cleaning instructions
After take off your prom dress, you need to clean it to remove any stains or excess residue. However, read the labels carefully to ensure the best way to clean your prom dress.

2. Hanging clothes on a hanger
Make sure to use hanging straps attached to your prom dress for extra support to ensure it stays on the hanger. Then, put it in a cloth bag. If you don’t have closet space, you can also gently fold it into a box.

3. Store your prom dress in room temperature and keep away from sunlight
Placing your prom dress in a humid environment may damage them because heat and moisture can affect the fabric, so be sure to leave them in room temperature. Also, place it in a place with little sunlight, as sunlight can cause discoloration of prom dress fabrics.

We hope these tips can help you maintain your prom dress well.