How to Use Coupon Codes When Shopping Online?

Using an online coupon code or promotional link when shopping online is similar to using a paper coupon in a local store. However, unlike the paper coupons you handed to the cashier for redemption, the online store enters the code required at checkout, which is related to a specific discount and will be subtracted from the total purchase amount.

How to find online coupon codes?

The best way to find a coupon code is to enter a “coupon code” using a search engine (such as Google). This will generate a list of sites that offer coupon codes. You can then visit the website and compare the available coupon savings.

Sometimes, you can find a specific online store after selecting the product to buy, and find the coupon code in this online store. Usually, these coupon codes are displayed in a prominent position on the homepage of the online store. For example, the coupon code of Sevenprom’s online prom dress shop ( appeared prominently on the banners on the homepage of their website.

How to redeem the coupon code?

Depending on the online store, coupon codes can be entered in some places. In some cases, you can enter the coupon code in the shopping cart before checkout. Sometimes, coupons are entered on the order review page before checkout. Before completing the purchase from the online store, please carefully review the “Submit” area of the coupon code (also known as the promotional code).

How do I know if the coupon code is valid?

Typically, the merchant will display on one page the fees you charge for the product, the discounted price due to the coupon code you submitted, and any shipping fees that may be charged. Before you submit the fee for approval, this should be displayed on the order page. If you enter a coupon code but you don’t see the discount on the order review page, please try to contact customer service before completing the transaction.

Can I use multiple coupons at once to double the coupon transaction?
Most coupon codes specify that each transaction or purchase of each item can only be used once for promotion.

Beyond online coupon sites

Although it is important to find your favorite website dedicated to coupons for online shopping, you can also visit popular discount websites that not only provide coupon codes, but also provide additional discounts when shopping.

For example, is a shopping portal that provides its members with online coupons for more than 100,00 online stores. For example, the online prom dress online store mentioned above can also find its latest discount information and coupon codes on How to operate? Just search the brand of Sevenprom on to get the following page: which displays Sevenprom’s latest coupon code. Usually stores will regularly update the latest discount and coupon codes on wetrift.