Expert Advice On How To Find Your Dreamy Prom Dress

You may encounter many problems while you are choosing your prom dresses, here are some professional important tips to help you get your dreamy prom dresses.

Tips for finding the perfect dress for your prom:

1. Make a budget plan at the beginning of the the year, focus and carry on it, by the way, do not forget some extra money may need to be spent on shoes,hair ornaments, jewelry and cosmetics.

2. Start shopping one month in advance before your prom date, if necessary please considering the extra time for size altering and fixings to the dress.

3. Keep an eye on magazines and celebrities on the red carpet to make you follow the latest prom dress trends.Looking for inspiration online or shop windows till you find an eye-catching prom dress.

4. Spend more time to choose the prom dress with right neckline which will enhance your face and make your body more attractive.

5. Choose your favorite color but do not forget to match the color to the colors of your hair, skin and eyes.

6. Try styles with many different colors will always give you ideas when you lost mind of picking out right dress with right color to enhance your skirt and hair perfectly .

7. Choose the right material of your prom dress will enhance your body shape. The matte color material will cover some unwanted shapes and make them not so attended. The glossy material just be opposite.

After you learned the basic tips about how to choosing a prom dress as above then we can start looking at the details about how to choose prom dress match your body shape ,skin color and face shape. More details as below:

Face Shapes
1. Heart-Shaped Face
If you have a heart-shaped face, you should spread your face out. Therefore you should choose a dress that has horizontal lines near the neck such as off-the-shoulder neckline.

Off the Shoulder Prom Dress $139.99

2. Square Face
People with square faces should choose low neckline such as scoop neck . Stay away from the high neckline because it make the face look more flat and square.

Low Neckline Prom Dress $139.99

3. Triangular Shaped Face
If you have a triangular-shaped face, you may want to buy a dress which can add curves to the face. Such as cowl or sweetheart neckline.

Sweetheart Prom Dress $168.99

4. Oval Face
If you have an oval face, you need to look for a set that will make your face look round. Choose a round neckline, long sleeve or sabrina dress, keep away from the v-neck.

Round Neck Long Sleeves Prom Dress $167.99

5. Round Shape Face
If you have a round face, you may need a dress with the neckline which can stretches your face. Such as sweetheart neck, scoop neck, v-neck and etc. Do not choose a high neck dress because it will make your face flattened.

V-Neck Red Prom Dress $116.99

6. Oval Face
For those with oval faces, it is easiest to find the perfect dress for the prom. Fundamentally, you can freely choose the type of neckline you want!

Body Shapes
1. Hourglass Shape
If you are decorated with an hourglass body shape, you should look for a dress that flattens your waist while maintaining an elegant balance of the top and bottom. For example, a dress with sleeves and full skirt.

Half Sleeves Prom Dress $138.99

2. Square Shape
If you are square shape body, look for a dress that increases the volume of both the torso and the legs , the dress better with full skirt to cover the legs. For example long A-line or Empire style dress .

A-Line Prom Dress $109.99

3. Pear Shape
People with pear shapes will need to find a dress an cover the part below below waist. Therefore, buy a dress that draws attention from your upper body to your chest and shoulders. Empire style dress will a best choice, this style will make cover your hips part and make your bust seems more huger.

Empire Style Prom Dress

4. Inverted Triangle Shapes
If your body is an inverted triangle shape, you will need to increase the volume in the lower half of the body. A-line wrap-around dresses, deep V-necks, ruffled skirts and high-waist dresses will be the best flattering for your body. Keep away from the Empire style dress, it will make your upper body look more bigger.

Deep V-Neck Prom Dress $139.99

5. Fig apple shape
For those with an apple shape, you need to find a dress that creates the illusion of a small waist while maintaining the balance of the upper and lower body. Square necks and sweetheart necklines are flattering, just like the A-line and empire dresses.

Sweetheart A-Line Prom Dress $119.99

Dress up the color
The color of your prom dress reveals a lot about your style and personality. The red dress may calls attention and the black dress may make the scream complicated. The blue dress may give you confidence and the pink dress may reveal your softness and femininity.

You can choose the color of the prom dress according to your personality and feelings as well as hair color, eye color and skin. You don’t need a dress to wash your skin color. Find colors that enhance the beauty of nature. This is why it’s important not only But ordering the fancy dress online for the first time But still have to try as many outfits as possible The right colors make a difference to the overall look.

Let’s do it! Go out there and search for the dress of your dreams