5 Tips on How to Be a Bridesmaid

It is an honor to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of a friend, sister, or relative. However, it involves a great deal of responsibility, which can be stressful. Your job is to help the bride emotionally throughout the process. So be sure to back up the decisions she made about her big day. Coordinate with other bridesmaids to plan events such as single parties. Let your bride calm down and let things go smoothly on your wedding day. With a little dedication, you can be an excellent bridesmaid.

1. Please wear comfortable shoes. You need to be as comfortable as possible during your wedding to stay current and alert. Wearing comfortable shoes like flats instead of heels is a small change, but it can make a big difference between big days. If the shoes are uncomfortable, they can be easily distracted from your duty as a bridesmaid.

2. Please attend all day. It is important to stay current during the wedding so that you can be there for the bride. Look over the bride and greet the guests, dress them, put on their makeup, and much more. If you feel stressed, wear the bride’s shoes. Since this is her wedding she is probably feeling much more stressed than you.

3. Manage conflicts with other bridesmaids. Unfortunately, fighting sometimes takes place on the wedding day. If the bridesmaids are jealous of each other, be a peace writer. If someone is difficult, please remind her carefully that day is about the bride.
This will cause additional strain, so avoid gossip with other bridesmaids.
If the bride needs to be attentive about the nasty bridesmaid, do so. But keep neutral. Don’t smash her friends or family, as it can make negative emotions worse.

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4. Please be positive all day long. You pretend, even if you are not enjoying it. It is important for the bride to feel that everyone is enjoying her big day. When talking with guests or other members of the wedding reception, speak with a smile and excited animation all day long.

5. Drink moderately. Alcohol is usually a large part of any wedding. However, if you need a bride, you must be present as a bridesmaid to support the bride. This is a reasonable dose. Squeezing may divert you from helping the bride.

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