10 Top Spring 2020 Fashion Trends

It may not easy to to say goodbye to all good times we had in 2019 but it is less hard to say goodbye to trends of 2019. I mean,all trends in 2019 are all kept in 2019,surely some of our faves are nostalgic and stick around the classic ones of last year,but dont worry ,we have prepared 10 styles that will give you freshness and fill them new vitality to the trends of 2020. New year, new trends.

By the way, if you are greatly interested in the trends of 2020 which just around the corner,look no further than our fashion trend of spring 2020.

Glitter fabric

Shiny prom dresses are right there! If you don’t like sequins, you can also choose metal or shiny fabric to create a similar atmosphere.

Glitter Dress $146.99

High slits

We’re all recreating the famous Angelina Jolie red carpet leg slits moment. High leg seams are the most popular feature in 2020 and also a great way to show off your legs/shoes.

High Slit Dress $125.99

Classic ball gown

The ball gown style is back to the fashion trend and makes you feel like a modern princess.

Ball Gown Dress $139.99


The off-the-shoulder prom dress can be paired with several neckline styles, another very popular style in 2020.

Off the shoulder Dress $159.99


Look effortlessly chic with ladies’ jumpsuits.

Jumpsuit $99.99


Backless dress is a new way to show skin without being too exposed. This can be completely open, you can also include lacing criss-cross details, incisions and so on. There are many options, and this is a unique way to make your choice of clothing stand out.

Backless Dress $126.99


While classic sweetheart is still pretty at the ball, the popularity of strapless necklines has risen sharply this year. The strapless prom dress offers a tiny and elegant option and is easy to wear all night long.

Strapless Dress $135.99

Hot Red

A red dress is sultry, sexy, & a timeless classic.

Red Dress $116.99

Long Sleeve

With long sleeve party dresses, you can stay warm and still look fabulous!

Long Sleeve Dress $138.99

Mermaid Look

Mermaid dresses will give you the flattering look you love with the elegance you desire. You’ll walk down the street proud of how you look.

Mermaid Dress $135.99

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